2013 Search Ranking Factors

Ever wanted to know what were the most important factors for your website search engine rankings? Check out the amazing post on giving some great insights into the factors that may help—or hurt—a website’s visibility in search engines. 

If you’re interested in SEO I reccomend following Rand Fishkin, a huge contributor and leading professional in the SEO community:

Luke Thorn

Facebook & Email Strategy for Business

“Facebook is the ratification of a relationship not the creation of a relationship”.

Found this amazing talk from Jay Baer to social marketers at the 2013 Social Fresh Conference:

Jay gives 17 ways to integrate facebook and email – check it out… SO GOOD.



This is amazing to me, being able to study him at this age, the way he conducted himself and how he managed his team. AMAZING

Why videos go viral

Some great insight from from youtube’s trend manager on why videos go viral…. I could watch ted talks all day..

Introducing the Phantom Felx

8 Hours in Brooklyn from Variable on Vimeo.

Some very cool kit – Super High Speed Video

Bitcoin – A Peer-to-Peer Web Currency


Bitcoin (An online currency trading for around $6.00 USD per coin) is the brain child of a man named Satoshi Nakamoto and in my opinion is one of the most exciting and controvercial things on the web right now. Bitcoin has been around a few years now but has only recently started gaining global attention. The recent theft of about $100,000 worth of bitcoins via use of a trojan targeting bitcoin wallets has shown some holes in the new startup currency and it’s freaked it’s supporters however the founders are confident that they will be able to rectify the issue.

Get more info on bitcoin here:

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